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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sioux Falls Free Stuff on Facebook & Twitter

Sioux Falls Free Stuff has now officially entered the matrix.

More specifically, the forum is involved in a 4-way with Nabble, Google's Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter.  The Nabble forum is embedded in the Blogger webpage.  Both Nabble and Blogger now feed their content (new posts) to Twitter, which in turn feeds them to Facebook.

Confused?  Don't be.  Just means you can follow Sioux Falls Free Stuff on Facebook and Twitter.  All the latest posts are sent to both sites for you to view.

The reason I chose to feed our new posts to Facebook and Twitter is simply because it's more convenient for a lot of people to check SFFS on social media that they already use.  I'm somewhat new to all this, but it was a fairly simple process and seems to be working smoothly.

I hope the additional options of following SFFS forum on Facebook and Twitter will make viewing and posting free stuff in Sioux Falls even faster, easier and more convenient for our free economy in Sioux Falls.

There are "Like" and "Follow" buttons below the forum on the right side.  Use them to follow SFFS forum's latest posts via the aforementioned social media sites.  Your other option is to click here for SFFS on Facebook or here for Twitter.

Don't dig social media?  That works.  Keep it parked right here.


  1. If you previously "Liked" SFFS on Facebook and don't see your name, I apologize. I had to create a whole new Facebook account in order to make all the linking and feeding work. So you will have to "Like" again if you want to be an official liker of SFFS on Facebook.

  2. Oh, and it is a 5-way now. Twitterfeed has elbowed its way in as a necessary participant in this love pentagon.


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